Nitish Pires  is a Mumbai based  lead singer, composer,  writer and music producer. 
He began his musical journey in 1999 after he picked up a guitar and formed his first professional IndoRock band “Nakshatra.” With all songs written, composed, and sung by Nitish Pires, Nakshatra released their first album “Gulfam” in 2003 with Universal Music. 

In 2007, Nitish Pires went on his own making his first solo album “Sarhadein” with a popular music producer Kalyan Barua. “Sarhadein” was released in 2007 with Raga To Rock Records. “Sarhadein” the music video was also played on MTV! 
In late 2008, Nitish with already established musicians in the circuit, formed his self-titled band “De Nitish Pires Band.” They went in the studio by the end of 2009 to record their album “Chauraha”, which is a musical based type album. “Chauraha” is about a man who takes the wrong road in life and what life had to give back to him in return. 

In July 2010, Nitish Pires went out driving 15,000 kms across 25 cities in India to promote his new upcoming album “Chauraha.” Chauraha was the only album that was marketed independently through a road tour and got nominated in at the prestigious G.I.M.A Awards as the best Indian Rock Album!

”Nitish Pires was the first person in India who went on a road tour like the one he did to promote his music and to connect to his audiences,” said the Times Of India.  

Mumbai Mirror called him " The Revolutionary Roadie".  

Nitish Pires has even composed songs and scored for the feature film, Soch Lo, which is currently in the Oscars Library in Hollywood, California. The background score was greatly appreciated by the critics and the media. He has even composed music for numerous popular television commercials catering to some of the top brands in India such as; Vodafone, Nokia, Reliance, Fila just to name a few.  

Nitish Pires made a another pan India (south to north, 4800 kms) journey on a bicycle from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. He wanted to spread the message "You are free, If you choose to be" through this tour. On this journey is where he wrote his new new song "Parindey" which was loved by his fans and the critics.  

In may 2014, Nitish Pires took a break and went traveling across some parts of Europe and  South Asia in search inspiration and experiences .  

In 2016 he returned back to India and started working on his next album & Singles to make a comeback.  

The first single called " Cold was announced to be released on the 9th of December, 2017 followed by his full album  titled " It's My Way" !  which was released on february , 2018 

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